Special Care and Service

Complimentary Jewellery Cleaning and Inspection

Impilo Collection offers all patrons a complimentary ultrasonic cleaning and stone setting inspection when visiting a Impilo Collection Studio. Impilo Collection product experts will also gladly answer any questions you may have regarding jewellery care and advise you on jewellery care best practices.

General Maintenance

Many factors influence the condition of your jewellery. Therefore you should make sure that your jewellery is properly cleaned, repaired and stored at all times. Always protect your jewellery from water, chemicals, fragrance, knocks, scratches, sunlight and heat/cold to minimise these effects. Ideally, store your jewellery in its Impilo Collection soft lined box or pouch and try to keep all jewellery items apart, so that they don’t scratch each other or tangle. Take care to avoid humid conditions as this may cause tarnishing. 

Repairs and Alterations

We offer an extensive jewellery repair service that can help restore your treasured piece to pristine condition. Our team of local craftsmen will look at jewellery of any age, make or style and will do everything they can to repair your item. Adjustments to chain lengths, bracelets or ring sizes can generally be done within ten days of receipt. If you have a repair or an alteration you would like to discuss with our team, please contact us.

Maintenance and Refurbishment

Your jewellery requires regular maintenance and care to maintain its state of perfection. We recommend a yearly maintenance and refurbishment service is conducted on your jewellery item. This service will typically entail a stone check, damage and dent correction, a rhodium and polish.


Signature by Impilo Collection is a unique personalisation service, offering Impilo Collection clients the ability to Signature (engrave) their Impilo Collection heirlooms with a special and personal message of their choice. Signature can be rendered on almost any Impilo Collection creation* and is a process whereby skilled Impilo Collection master craftsmen perfectly carve the solid gold mounting of the jewellery item with a personal message and sentiments that have value to the wearer. This service bestows every Impilo Collection creation a further distinctive mark of remembrance and exclusivity. The elegant accent of an engraved monogram adds an air of elegance and sophistication to your exclusive Impilo Collection heirloom. Signature allows you to emboss your initials, a date or a meaningful phrase to your treasured jewellery items.

Speak to a Impilo Collection today for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply. It is recommended that Signature is performed on Impilo Collection rings only. Items for engraving will be assessed by Impilo Collection before the Signature is made.


Valuations are generally sought for insurance purposes as proof of ownership and a professional valuation of the items you want covered. A Impilo Collection valuation makes it easy for you to prove the value of your jewellery to your insurer. Our experts will examine your pieces, and provide a written valuation which is a legal document you can use for insurance. By request we can also take digital photographs, note any distinguishing features and write a full description of each item. This makes it much easier to identify your jewellery and replace your jewellery if it is lost or stolen.

Vouchers and Gift Cards

All vouchers and gift cards are valid until the expiry date indicated on card and are redeemable at Impilo Collection studio. Gift cards and discount vouchers can also be redeemed on where applicable. T’s & C’s apply.

Corporate Services

There are many occasions where a corporate gift is needed. We understand that your gift should demonstrate thoughtfulness, not only in the item that’s been chosen, but also in the way that it’s been packaged and presented. We have a dedicated team available to help companies and associations with bespoke and corporate gifts whether on an individual or volume basis.  Our corporate gift range is extensive and includes:

  • Men’s accessories
  • Women’s accessories
  • Watches
  • Jewellery

Our corporate team will be delighted to assist and help you find that special gift. Your selected items will be gift wrapped in Impilo Collection distinctive packaging and delivered to your requirements.