Impilo Collection is a luxury jewellery brand founded by award-winning designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Angela Yeung.“Impilo” is an isiZulu word which means “life”. This word was specifically chosen by Angela to signify both the origin of her work, and the inspiration she draws from the real-life stories of her clients. Founded in 2005, Impilo Collection has specialised in the design and manufacture of bespoke jewellery commissions for private clients, jewellery trading, and contemporary art jewellery collections. Angela is an accomplished gemmologist with over 20 years in the jewellery industry.  She is also the first Asian female executive member of the exclusive SA Diamond Dealers Club.
“I believe that every life story is uniquely personal and each visit to Impilo should be an experience which is meaningful in every possible way.”
– Angela Yeung, Impilo Collection Managing Director
Each of Angela’s bespoke creations tell a story about life. From overcoming hardship to celebrating engagements; her artistic vision combined with years of experience make every piece truly memorable.
“Take your time and be patient by polishing and treasuring your own diamond, you are unique and believe in yourself that you will shine!”
– Angela Yeung, Impilo Collection Managing Director
With satisfied clients worldwide, Angela’s award-winning jewellery continues to be celebrated and recognised by prestigious industry bodies such as the AngloGold Ashanti Awards, and Anglo-American Platinum (the highest accolade for a jewellery designer in South Africa)
Impilo Collection